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Graphics Lunch Talks

Spring 2010 Time: 2:30-3:30 Venue: LWSN 3151A
Date Speaker(s) Title
Jan 20 - Scheduling and Siggraph Asia Review
Jan 27 Michael Carter Journey to the Chingon
A One Year long Independent Study to Visualizing Quadratic Julia Fractals
Feb 3 - No Graphics Lunch
Feb 10 Paul Rosen High-Quality Shadow Mapping By Camera Model Design
Feb 17 Carlos Vanegas
Ming Lei
Visualization-based Decision Support System for Extreme Urban Weather Mitigation
Feb 24 - No Graphics Lunch
Mar 3 Yi Xu Capturing Real-World Dynamic Objects using Temporally-Coded Photography
Mar 10 Alvin Law Perceptually-Based Appearance Editing for Compensation Compliancy
Mar 17 - Spring Break
Mar 24 Yu-Hong Yeung Inter-reflection Free Illumination Algorithm
Mar 31 - No Graphics Lunch
Apr 7 Yi-Liu Chao
Jian Cui
Projector-based Genuinity Verification
A Curved Ray Camera for Continuous Multiperspective Visualization at Interactive Rates
Apr 14 Yi Xu PhD Final Exam
Apr 21 Ondrej Stava
Samer Barakat
Inverse Procedural Modeling by Automatic Generation of L-systems (EG '10 Practice Talk)
An Image-Based Approach to Interactive Crease Extraction and Rendering
Apr 28 Nate Andrysco Matrix Trees (EuroVis '10 Practice Talk, first half hour)
Prelim (next hour)

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