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Graphics Lunch Talks

Fall 2006 Time:12:00-1:00 Venue: LWSN 3151A
Date Speaker(s) Title
Sep 7 Yagna Kalyanaraman Searching for the Shape Abstract PDF
Sep 14 Yi Xu
Paul Rosen
3D Animated Photographs Abstract PDF
Finite Element Analysis: the WTC North Tower Abstract PDF More
Sep 21 Mihai Mudure Freehand Acquisition of Unstructured Scenes Abstract PDF
Sep 28 Chun Jia
Radu Dondera
Image Based Modeling of Human Upper Body Abstract PDF
Instructor Tracking Abstract PDF
Oct 5 Ji Zhang Linearization in 3D Reconstruction Abstract PDF
Oct 12 Nathan Andrysco
Jieyu Zhao
An Image Based Grammar for the Modification of Cities Abstract PDF
A Vision-Based Affective Computing System Abstract PDF
Oct 19 Elisha Sacks Can graphics get more from computational geometry? Abstract PDF
Oct 26 Daniel G. Aliaga Scene Reconstruction using Corresponded Depth Abstract PDF
Nov 2 Huiying Xu Physically-Based Analytical Modeling and Monte Carlo Simulation of Light Transmission at Rough Surfaces Abstract PDF
Nov 9 Chun Jia
Yi Xu
I3D Submission Abstract PDF
I3D Submission Abstract PDF
Nov 16 Yagna Kalyanaraman
Ji Zhang
Shape Search Abstract PDF
Variable Elimination for 3D from 2D Abstract PDF
Nov 30 Paul Rosen
Nathan Andrysco
Recovering High Dynamic Range Multispectral Radiance Maps Abstract PDF
An Interactive and Rip-able Cloth Abstract PDF
Dec 7 Radu Dondera
Mihai Mudure
Yi Xu
Instructor Tracking Abstract PDF
1001 Acquisition Viewpoints: Efficient and Versatile View-Dependent Modeling of Real-World Scenes Abstract Live Demo
Robust Pixel Classification Algorithm for Structured Light with Binary Patterns Abstract PDF

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