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Lawson Building Dedication Day Open House Presentations (19M)

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Spring 2008
Date Time Room Speaker(s) Title
30-Jan 1:30-2:30 LWSN 3151A Paul Rosen
Carlos Vanegas
The Graph Camera : Abstract Presentation
Content-Aware Urban Layout Editing : Abstract
6-Feb 12:30-1:30 LWSN 3151A Paul Rosen The Epipolar Occlusion Camera : Presentation
15-Feb 1:30-2:30 LWSN 3151A Alvin Law
Nathan Andrysco
Single Viewpoint Symmetry-Based Model Completion : Abstract Presentation
Permeable and Absorbent Materials in Fluid Simulations : Abstract Presentation
22-Feb 1:30-2:30 LWSN 3151A Bedrich Benes Interactive Terrain Modeling : Presentation
29-Feb 1:30-2:30 LWSN 3151A Daniel Aliaga
7-Mar 1:30-2:30 LWSN 3151A Kip Windows Storage Reduction for GGVLab
21-Mar 1:30-2:30 LWSN 3151A Various IEEE Visualization Submissions
28-Mar 1:30-2:30 LWSN 3151A Entire Group Maximizing performance on PCs using Vista or XP
4-Apr 1:30-2:30 LWSN 3151A Carlos Vanegas Visualization of Urban Spaces : Abstract Presentation
11-Apr 1:30-2:30 LWSN 3151A Tion Thomas Non-Pinhole Rendering on GPU : Abstract Presentation
18-Apr 1:30-2:30 LWSN 3151A Paul Rosen
Nathan Andrysco
Finite Element Analysis of Head Trauma : Abstract
C02 : Abstract Presentation
25-Apr 1:30-2:30 LWSN 3151A Paul Rosen
Kyle Hayward
The Graph Camera : Abstract
Non-Pinhole Impostors

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