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Graphics Lunch Talks

Spring 2007 Time: 3:00-4:00 Venue: LWSN 3151A
Date Speaker(s) Title
Jan 24 Voicu Popescu Reflections on Reflections Abstract PDF
Jan 31 Daniel Aliaga
Jieyu Zhao
3D Scene Acquisition Methods
Video Image Segmentation with Graphical Models Abstract PDF
Feb 7 Denny Wang Visualization Techniques for 3D Microscopic Imaging Data Abstract PDF
Feb 21 Mihai Mudure 1001 Acquisition Viewpoints: Efficient and Versatile View-Dependent Modeling of Real-World Scenes Abstract PDF
Feb 28 Paul Rosen Visualizing the WTC Abstract PDF
Mar 7 Daniel G. Aliaga
Yi Xu
Research Demo
Research Demo
Mar 21 Nathan Andrysco Power Grid Visualization Abstract PDF
Apr 4 Paul Rosen A High-Quality Physically-Accurate Visualization of the September 11 Attack on the World Trade Center Abstract PDF
Apr 11 S. Franzoni, P. Mazzoleni, S. Valtolina DICO - University of Milan (Italy)
E. Bertino CS Department - Purdue University
Integrating Data Management and Visualization Tools for the Representation of Cultural Heritage Information
Apr 18 Mihai Mudure The Multi-pole Occlusion Camera Abstract PDF
Apr 25 Yi Xu
Nathan Andrysco
Efficient Multi-viewpoint Acquisition of 3D Objects Undergoing Repetitive Motions I3D Paper
Using Video Games to Teach Computer Science Abstract PDF

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