Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab
Department of Computer Science at Purdue University

Graphics Lunch Talks

Fall 2013 Time: Tue. 13:00-14:00 Venue: LWSN 3151A
Date Speaker(s) Title
Sep 10 SIGGRAPH attendees Selected SIGGRAPH 2013 paper
Sep 17 leaders of ACM SIGGD and undergrad group Gaming Engine and Graphics Work
Sep 24 Chris/Gen QtAppEdit: An open infrastructure for multi-projector appearance editing / Human Computation and Road Stylization
Oct 1 Jian/Ignacio Traffic in Urban Modeling / Hybrid From-Point Visibility Algorithm
Oct 8 - Fall Break
Oct 15 Zi-ang/Wayne Tractography-based Edge Detection for Unified Diffusion Weighted MRI Analysis / Enhanced Visualization and Autonomous Extraction of Poincaré Map Topology
Oct 22 Meng-lin New Camera Model in Helicopter Views
Oct 29 Cancelled
Nov 5 Ilke/Raine Playing with Building Points / Classification of Seismic Signals
Nov 12 Liang Li Visualization of Granular Material
Nov 19 Nabeel
Nov 26 Juraj Vanek A 3D Print Volume Optimizer
Dec 3 - -

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